Articlator Black Hat Generator and cloaking tool for wordpress

Version française : Générateur de contenue SEO et outil de cloaking pour WordPress

What is Articlator Black Hat Generator?

Articlator Blackhat Generator tool is a full, unique and original content generator and cloaking tool, made to help you perform your SEO strategy and reach organic traffic in an easy, smart and safe way for your targeted keyword.

In which cases can i use Articlator Black Hat Generator?

Articlator can perform your SEO strategy to rank long-tail keywords based on a base keyword. As an example, if you are running a website about « SEO », with Articlator Blackhat Generator you can find the most efficient long-tail keywords on SERPs, such as:
  • SEO marketing.
  • SEO meaning.
  • SEO audit.
  • SEO tools.
  • SEO Google.

Articlator uses long-tail keywords to avoid competitive keywords and to rank and get a higher position faster on SERPs. You can create unlimited campaigns in which you can add the selected long-tail keywords and configure the landing page you want to clock to. Articlator Blackhat Generator will automatically iterate your campaigns and generate full SEO-performed, and unique content about these keywords, all in an automatic way. It can be used on every money website to redirect targeted traffic automatically from Google and other search engines to your WordPress web page. Here some examples where you can use Articlator BHG:

  • Redirect traffic to CPA offer.
  • Leads generation.
  • Amazon affiliate program.
  • Dropshipping.
  • ….

How does Articlator BHG works?


Articlator BHG article generator tool, is using multiple private proxies and servers to perform web scrapping in Google, Bing and other search engines to find all expressions that could be used to generate more than 10,000 monthly unique articles without taking your keywords out of context. The full SEO content is made in a very smart way using Articlator algorithms, to simulate a human-written articles. Including free copyrighted relative pictures and Youtube videos. Each generated article has a different number of headings, paragraphs and sentences, which keeps it unique and original.

Here’s an example of a generated paragraph about “SEO”, and a long-tail keyword about “Blackhat SEO”:

blackhat seo: The Recover is a digital news agency founded.

Along with using local keywords, other local SEO best and Google Maps. SEO can benefit their new agency in Spokane, WA. Spokane, is proud to announce the opening of their continue until they get a higher of each website. Any website which is not mobile friendly Adobe Systems, Accenture PLC, Oracle Corporation, SAS Institute, of the industry facts including: market share, market size (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia ), AnalysisChapter 10, to identify major breadth of thought leadership, research, tools, events and experience “Accurate Forecast” in every industry we cover courses which are 100% payable using go online and read customer reviews. A recent survey from blackhat seo about what adjustments you can make to blackhat seo 3. Thank the reviewer As painful as it might be to conversation offline. 

As you can notice the text is not human readable; but it’s readable for Google and other search engines bots and spiders! It contains all relative sentences to the base and long-tail keyword and it’s also original, unique and most, SEOf-friendly .



As explained on the image Articlator Generator/Cloaker is generating SEO content in a smart and “automatic” way, for the purpose of ranking your website in Google and all other search engines so you can get real, and high converting traffic:

1 The unique and SEO friendly, full content generated by Articlator.

This version is seen only by spiders and search engine bots. When a web Bot (like Google Bot) is visiting the web page, the full SEO content will appear automatically and with no anomalies; So in the crawling bots’ eyes, unique and SEO-friendly articles with targeted keywords are showing which will rank your website.

2 Your landing page (The post you redirect traffic to).

When a human client visits the web page, it is automatically cloaked to your related landing page containing your magnetized offers.

Cloaking SEO

Cloaking explained by Google Webmasters

Easy ! The cloaking process shows an SEO powered version of your website, which are full content articles generated with SEO-friendly text, relative images, videos and all SEO requirements to index bots and search engines spiders. All this so you can easily rank your website. When a real user visits the page, they are shown your real page that contains your monetization strategy.

To start using articulator your can download the plugin for free, and get your subscription key from:  .